Author: Patrick Hockaday

A Fair and Decent Living Chasing Carrots?

Some of todays Drivers boast that they are earning $24.00 an hour, 40cpm X 60mph. This is very unrealistic as todays Employee OTR Drivers spend days and weeks manning their work stations while following the direction of the carrier. They are actually on duty 24hrs a day because the carrier, in the terms of employment, has directed these employees to operate in compliance of the law. The law says that after “Driving” no more than 11hrs, a 10hr period in which the Driver May Not Work must be taken before “Driving” again. If any other employer were to tell...

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Are We Just Blowing Hot Air???

The ELD mandate is structured so that those using AOBRD’s today may continue using them until 12/19. As we know, there is a big difference between AOBRD’s and “Letter of the Law” ELD’s. Most noticeable is the operational variances permitted with AOBRD’s. “Letter of the Law” ELD’s have a speed threshold of a maximum of 5mph. Once the truck moves the mandated ELD goes to “On Duty Not Driving” as in preforming a yard move. Once the preset speed threshold has been reached the ELD changes to “Driving” from the moment the truck first moved. To require any carrier...

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Be Honest With Yourselves!

Greetings My Fellow Drivers, My name is Pat Hockaday, they call me JoJo. As I sit here tonight I’m thinking of you, your families and the sacrifices We OTR Drivers must endure. I mean no insult to any of you my Brothers and Sisters but I’m going to call it like I see it. We OTR Drivers have allowed things to get out of control! We have Divided Ourselves and the Carrier Associations Have Taken Control. We OTR Drivers have listened to those who have everything to gain by teaching Us what they want Us to know! By seeking...

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Letter From Michael

    To whom it may concern I am writing because of some concerns that I have in the trucking industry. Jeff Denham’s and Senator Deb Fischer’s bills on meal and rest breaks Will stop States from implementing rules that will ensure the driver be paid for waiting time. This is one of the main agendas the American Trucking Association that Represent the major carriers who Want this. What this means for the driver is that they will only be paid for mileage not for waiting times. This is wrong drivers are at the shippers and receivers on the...

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Indentured Servants to “We The People”?

An OTR Drivers Time is regulated 24/7 when they are “In Service to the Employer”. An OTR Driver is paid per piece which gives value to production. An OTR Drivers TIME has no value or they wouldn’t be held up at docks waiting. Waiting is a Job Duty that must be preformed yet it is generally unpaid. Therefore, because production has value, the onus is placed on the Driver to go as Far as Possible AS Fast as Possible so that We may make pick up and deliver within schedules that may further prevent Us from producing pieces due...

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