Author: Patrick Hockaday

Gamble With The Law

When Is An Employee Driver Preforming the Job Duties For Which They Should Be Paid??? The FMCSR’s prescribe the duties that Must Be Preformed INCLUDING how the Drivers Time may be used in order to Preform ALL Other Job Duties. The Employee Driver is Governed by the Clock as well as having specific job duties that must be preformed to meet minimum standards such as the use of a chain over the use of a strap when securing the load. The regulations, due to more stringent enforcement capabilities, have in fact made TIME relevant! As an OO I know...

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ELD Trolls???

  So Some of Us are ELD Trolls? Where were you 20 yrs ago when it became apparent that the future of trucking was changing? Were you one of those who thought we didn’t know what we were talking about 15yrs ago? Maybe you were one of those who said “They can’t do that” 10yrs ago! Did you start backing OOIDA’s Effort 5yrs ago? How much did YOU give to the PAC Fund to fight these boxes???? I’m heavily invested in this fight and we have lost round 1!!!! Most of you couldn’t Afford to contribute what we have...

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Freedom OR Liberty

  Do we have the Freedom to do as we please while operating a CMV for personal gain and or profit to the employer? Do we have License to do as we please while operating under the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations? Have we been granted Permission to act independently while at our place of work? Are we afforded Liberties while being RESTRAINED by the regulations our employer requires us to abide by? Are the FMCSR’s the regulations, that govern how and for preforming what duties, Employee Drivers are to be paid? Have we overlooked another set of regulations...

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Concerning the Western States Trucking Association

I’m not a member but if I were, I would be MAD as Heck about the direction that WSTA’s spokesman is taking the membership concerning Ca. Labor Code 226.2. Section 226.2 Requires Employee Drivers be PAID DETENTION TIME!!! We contractors have difficulty billing for Detention Time because most carriers do not pay their Drivers for doing their JOB! 226.2 This section shall apply for employees who are compensated on a piece-rate basis for any work performed during a pay period. This section shall not be construed to limit or alter minimum wage or overtime compensation requirements, or the obligation...

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A Boston Tea Party, ELD or Me

We are Human Beings, superior mammals as we are capable of rational thought that we may then communicate to others of our kind. It is our nature to seek Improvement in order to survive. Improvement for one may be a burden on another as there are givers and takers. Compromise is a necessity or we would wipe ourselves out! ELD’s are a tool, a tool that Mankind may use to Improve civilization. A hammer drives a nail into wood that has been cut by a saw, we thus know that one tool only, Improves Nothing. We must understand that...

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