Author: Patrick Hockaday

A Boston Tea Party, ELD or Me

We are Human Beings, superior mammals as we are capable of rational thought that we may then communicate to others of our kind. It is our nature to seek Improvement in order to survive. Improvement for one may be a burden on another as there are givers and takers. Compromise is a necessity or we would wipe ourselves out! ELD’s are a tool, a tool that Mankind may use to Improve civilization. A hammer drives a nail into wood that has been cut by a saw, we thus know that one tool only, Improves Nothing. We must understand that...

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It’s Not About Meal and Rest Breaks.  It’s About DETENTION TIME!!!

As you should know by now, the ATA is seeking legislation to lock in piece work wages. They sell their plan to Drivers by telling Drivers they will have to know all of the States Labor Laws as the Employee Drivers will have to take paid rest breaks every 4 hours. This is not exactly true, Employers are to make these paid breaks available in a few States. What is not talked about is the fact that Employee Drivers are supposed to be paid Detention Time! The Denham language, if enacted, will make payment of Detention Time Voluntary on...

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OOIDA – OO’s, Independents, DRIVERS, Association

  Owner Operator – Owns the equipment leased to a carrier. Independents – One truck outfits that operate under their own authority. DRIVERS – Thats ALL Other DRIVERS! Association – The membership directs the agenda. OK, Employee OTR Drivers and Lease Drivers should now understand that they have a voice thru OOIDA and I encourage them to join OOIDA and start raising Hell! As members, who’s needs are being ignored, we OO’s need your help! I’m a contributing Life Time Member of OOIDA and proud of it! 
I contribute to the PAC Fund as I don’t pay an annual...

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Truckers Call Reps to REMOVE FAA Bill’s Anti Trucker Wage Amendments

TELL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TO SAY NO! ANTI-TRUCKER WAGE AMENDMENT- IN 2017 FAA BILL. STATE PREEMPTION OF LABOR LAWS ( HIDDEN BEHIND MEAL & REST BREAK)                             URGENT!! TIME TO CALL NOW. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS TO STOP THIS!! 202-224-3121 Tell your Reps to SAY NO to FAA reauthorization bill’s Anti Trucker wage amendment (State preemption,meal & rest break Amendment) Call Your Legislatures! US Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 Tell them: As a trucker, I’m against the Denham and the Fisher amendments to the FAA bill which...

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OK OOIDA, Single Truck Independent Operators feel that they don’t need an ELD. 
I have no problem exempting them from ELD’s. After all, if they can stand the Heat and Scrutiny of the DOT audits that they will be subjected to, it will be apparent that they are responsible, law abiding Drivers Why should they have to monitor themselves? This horse and buggy mentality has definitely stopped the progress of mankind don’t ya know! “Let’s all saddle up, ride into town and put an end to this new fangled horseless carriage Boys!!!” By the way, I know several Independents...

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