Author: Patrick Hockaday

Parking; For Our PROFIT Or Theirs?

Truck stops are in business to make money just as you and I. By influencing legislation they increase their profits just as the major carriers do. We Drivers need to look at our overall business model and decide how we may influence legislation to increase our profits. We have these mega associations showing us how it is done. We are paid on a production basis, by the job or Piece Work Wages. There are those of us who have to consider the time it takes to produce Before we accept a job (OO’s-Independents) and there are those of us...

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The ATA Plays Off Of The Ignorance Of Drivers

Concerning Upcoming F4A Legislation That Will Override States Rights. Current proposed legislation, Part A of the Denham Method, concerning States Rights to Govern and Protect Intrastate Drivers, is being pushed forward by the ATA in upcoming legislation. Part B concerning Piece Work Wages will follow! This is the section of the 1994 FAAAA Bill that the ATA claims to preempt States Labor Laws covering Intrastate Drivers. (1)General rule.– Subject to paragraph (2) of this subsection, no State or political subdivision thereof and no intrastate agency or other political agency of 2 or more States shall enact or enforce any...

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