Author: Patrick Hockaday

One Size Fits All???

      In What Context are the Drivers addressing “One Size Fits All” Personal preference concerning the Job they preform? Details concerning the segment of the industry in which they work? OR The Regulations that Define and Prescribe the Duties of the Job?   All industry strives to provide a service to the customer. All industry has regulations that cover the overall operational procedures of the businesses operating within an industry. Exemptions are granted to particular businesses operating within an industry to accommodate special needs and requirements that can not be executed per a particular regulation. 
Exemptions may...

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Denham, For the 6th Time??? NO, It’s Time for Denham To “Hit the ROAD!!!

My Fellow Drivers, There are Drivers who think the Denham Amendment has been passed into law. No, the Denham Language is part of the House of Representatives version of the current FAA Bill, HR 4. The Senate will have their version of the FAA Bill and it is All Important to Let Your Senators Know How You feel, NOW! There has recently been discussion on the Senate floor about this matter. When both Houses have their versions of the FAA Bill it will then go into reconciliation where the House and the Senate negotiate what to keep and what...

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To OOIDA, The Membership

A good friend of mine says that every truck being held up at a shipper/receiver is capacity taken out of the market. A truck has to be loaded/offloaded. A truck sitting is a truck that is not performing it’s primary function, moving freight. In that sense, capacity is taken out of the market. More trucks are needed to move the freight that is not being moved by trucks sitting. If sitting trucks created a shortage then Demand would dictate that there be more Supply and rates would go up. If capacity is taken out of the market because trucks...

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Drivers, Let’s Finish What the Unions Started!

The practice of paying employees just enough to get by but not enough so they can afford to quit is a tactic that Keeps Cheap Labor On The Job!!! I’d guess that 75% of Drivers are not in favor of unionizing. My past experience as a union member has me sitting on the fence leaning toward not having anything to do with a union. We don’t have to unionize to keep the Unions legacy alive and moving forward! We only need to fight for safe working conditions and fair pay standards through legislation just as management uses legislation to...

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Personal Conveyance Guideline to Be Revised

We always speak of “Time Management” as being the responsibility of the Driver. OO’s, Lease Purchase Drivers and Employee Drivers can only work with what they have been dispatched to work with from the carrier. If a carrier pushes so hard that an Employee Driver has to take a 34hr restart away from home there is an obvious benefit to the carrier at the Drivers expense. The same applies to an Employee Driver who has to take the 10hr break even though they may only be an hour away from home. Under these circumstances the Driver is preforming the Job Duty of “Not Working”...

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